Smart phones and texting

It has come clear and very obvious that the growth of smart phones and texting has been the new norm of communication.

My children don’t even know how to talk on the phone these days.  It’s just the new way to communicate. Is it good? it is bad?  The answer to that question does not matter to me.  Well on a personal level, it matters and I hate seeing my kids stuck in this strange virtual reality “new world”.

On a business level, I know it can’t be beat, so let’s join them.

Join them?  YES.  If the new world stops answering phone and only responds to text, clearly my business and most other businesses that require communication with their customers needs some sort of texting solution that will grab their customers attention and get them to take action.

After searching different companies that had different options i decided to go out and create my own.

I needed a service that was flexible and offered a variety of texting options like:

Lead notification services: This service allows 2 people to get notified of an interested prospect. great for car dealerships and real estate offices.

Loyalty System: this service cleanly and professionally replaces those old punch card business cards (get 10 coffees and the next one is free).

Restaurant pager: This is a favorite of mine. When a customer is waiting for a seat at the  restaurant they no longer need to hold onto a silly pager that lights up. They will simply get a message that their table is ready….. I could talk about this program for hours… The best benefit of this…. You now have every customers name and cell phone number that waits for a seat.  BAM! you can text them at a later date and add them to a special VIP service 🙂

Voting Tool: Get your customers to vote for their favorite ice cream and more.

Pick A Winner: Great for any events (online or offline) Example: text the word “WIN” to 617-500-1403 once you get a list of people, my system will randomly pick a winner!

Contest Program: Self explanatory

Viral Campaign: Another favorite of mine. This is great because you can create two levels of services for your customers.  VIP and VIP PLUS.  With this service you get your customers to join the VIP service and then tell them if they recommend our business to friends and family they will get bumped up to the VIP PLUS service that we offer. This is a GREAT way to double your texting list overnight!

OK…. I feel like I have rambled quite a bit here but there is much more to share with you about this over the coming days.

Stay tuned and oh yeah…. You can learn more by simply going to my site right now.  CLICK HERE

Certainly to BE Continued…..

I try to make myself very available. If you have any questions, you can reach me at: 617-520-8923.

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